World Kindness Day - Promoting Kindness

World Kindness Day came and went, but kindness is a trait and action we all strive to continue every day. When someone asks me what I wish for my children when they grow up, without hesitation the answer is to "Be happy and be kind."  I'm pretty certain all parents want this for their children, but it's something I want my children to understand speaks volume and is the good in the world. When we surround ourselves with kindness, it exudes a positive energy that others feed off of as well.

The smallest acts of kindness spreads cheer in the greatest of ways

It's Science Did you know the simple act of kindness releases actual joy in our mind? It's actual science! When we help others, do something kind for someone else, our brain actually releases endorphins, which is the chemical that give us feelings of happiness. It also releases releases serotonin in our brain that gives us satisfaction and a sense of goodness! I mean - who wouldn't want that!

Social Media Kindness I feel can sometimes get lost in the world of social media. The written word of texts and instant messages can often lose context and emotion. We quickly write messages to convey a message and we've lost the emotion that is often conveyed through human interaction. But I get it, I am guilty of it as well. As someone who is a mom, holds a full time job working 50-70 hours a week, pours every other hour into a personal business, a friend, a wife, a daughter...time really is a commodity. So a quick text or an IM is the fastest way to get my message to someone. But I am trying to slow down and take the moments to pass the kindness. To teach my children that kindness is something that truly goes a long way. 

So it takes commitment and taking a moment to show someone else an act of kindness. It comes in the easiest of ways... a note, a phone call, paying for the coffee of the person behind you in the line at Starbucks. 

Make An Impact Kindness is the heart of lark + rose and building a community to promote it is really important to me. In every package we deliver, we’ve started to add kindness postcards with the hope that you take a moment to send some #larkmail to pass kindness and make someone smile. 

Willow the Fox and Grey with White Dandelion Daydreamer Blanket featured with Lark and Rose Kindness Postcards. 

Send a note to a loved one, a friend, a children’s hospital, a teacher, mentor, grandma, grandpa, sibling...see there are SO MANY OPTIONS!! Let’s start today because kindness does not need to be reserved for one day, it’s just a great reminder.


With love and kindness-  Dana 

P.S. 🖤 Operation Kindness 🖤  Please enjoy the Kindness Advent Calendar Below. You can have your child complete the chart or have siblings complete it together. Even better, complete it as a family! 

*To print, right click on the image and choose "Save Image As"  and a pop-up box will appear. The name most likely will default to "Kindness_Chart_large.jpg". Hit save and notate where you saved it on your computer. I like to save to my desktop, but it usually will default to the "Download" section of your computer.

Or you can download it with this link here:  Advent Kindness Calendar Printable Green or Advent Kindness Calendar Printable White


Kindness Chart Printable       

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