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Hello World....The truth is I've written a blog article similar to this title already. It was over a year ago and it was simply titled "Hello World". It was when I was real naive and thought I could quickly get a company up and running in a few months. That previous article was somewhat easier to write, because at the time Lark and Rose was the start of a dream and only a few people knew...and I'm quite certain the only person that read the blog was my husband and my best friend. This blog feels very different, a bit exciting...but a whole lot scarier knowing that more people will read this. 

I'll have more on the journey in posts to come, but I think my first official post should tell you what Lark and Rose is and what I hope to grow into...


Lark means a few things...a songbird, an adventure and plain harmless fun or mischief. Rose, a flower which is classic and familiar, when given it can represent love, friendship and many things but always meant to evoke a smile, and feelings of happiness, calm and joy. All that combined we have Lark and Rose.

Lark and Rose represents adventure, imagination, and kindness in the most simple and classic way. Sometimes we take ourselves a little too serious...let's try and tap into the creative and whimsy moments of life. Let's inspire imagination, wonder and pure laughter with our little ones. Let's take a moment to support and help each other as mom's, dad's, friends to bring up this little tribe of unpredictable, lovable, challenging rugrats of the future to be unique, kind, smart, and giving. 

I'll try to kick out some classic yet fun products to create memories. And at the same time we want to create this community to support each other. Come join us...it's going to be fun.


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